Part four.

Greetings, today I wanted to describe the construction of a typical screened in porch. I start with measuring the size of your existing porch reducing it to writing so that I can design the exact materials to customize your porch. Some of my clients like redwood others prefer a less expensive would like pine and fir. I always design the room according to your budget and according to the purpose for the room, while some of my clients are interested in resale value others just want the room to last a long time. When I select the wood for your project I hand select each piece from the large pile at the lumber wholesale company every piece of wood I use will have the right grain without being warped or curved, it is almost second nature for me now to be able to predict which would will stay straight over the years in which one will have a natural tendency to bow. After framing in for the screen sections I-frame in for a custom-made door which will last longer than the wire mesh we use on the screens themselves.

The wire mash comes in five colors and has three different size on the mash. After selecting the color and the wire mesh size I then build the screen units themselves so they will be easily repaired in the future if some toy or ball smashes through the opening. Now I want to assure you that while all of this may sound very expensive I know the best places to make my purchases to keep your overall costs to a minimum when you are ready just contact me I will come out and measure and give you a no obligation quote for your custom screened in porch. Thank you sincerely Lewis….