Part one…

Greetings friends,

As I sit here observing the skyline of the beautiful city of Broken Arrow I was thinking about my many customers over the years who have worked hard to pay for their homes or are in the process of paying off their mortgages, I too have just recently paid off my home and am thoroughly enjoying my screened in porch. I wanted to share with you from my vantage point and comfort of sitting on my back porch watching the winter season pass and spring beginning to reveal itself, the porch I have created for just such warm mornings as we had this past week I awoke to 71° and decided to have my morning coffee here on my back porch. I was thinking about all of my friends who have back porches but are unable to use them on the spur of the moment. The dust leaves them bugs seem to also like the back porches of our homes but since I screened mine in I walk out of my dining room directly onto my back porch, I am able to sit down and enjoy the quietness of the morning without needing to do any housekeeping whatsoever.

……… To be continued