Greetings just a short note to remind everyone to update and refill your tornado shelter kits. If you do not have a kit or would like a kit component list just send me a short email and I will make sure you get that list. I have added a couple of new items to the kit to make your stay in your tornado shelter a little more comfortable, these have come to my attention by some of my clients that have purchased the shelter for their family and they are fabulous ideas and ambitions to be tornado shelter kit.

As you know April and May was filled with tornadoes and so far we have escaped without the big F-4 or F5 coming on the scene, but the smaller ones can do just as much damage if you get a direct hit, which I do not believe that any of my family or clients will have to live through that event. I must say the other evening eight tornado came within a few blocks of my house and I was in my own personal shelter and I cannot describe the immense feeling of security that I had as I put the door security bolts in place, the peace and security is beyond putting a price on and I know how many of you must have felt.

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