Foundation Of A Storm Shelter

Basics For Foundation & Concrete Pad For A Storm Shelter

Tornado Shelter InstallationThe foundation work for any building is not glamorous, but it is the work upon which all other construction rests, so a good foundation is critical to every building structure and home. No source of knowledge on foundations and concrete work is better respected or more widely followed than that provided by the experts who have poured thousands of square yards of finished concrete. Hands on labor through decades of trial and error by our predecessors have refined the concrete technology we have at our disposal today. Hard won trade secrets and individual finishing techniques are passed down from father to son and generation to generation until today we here in America are the envy of the world, they are coming here to learning our methods of the art of Concrete Finishing and Building Construction.

Safety For A Storm Shelter Install

Storm Shelter Concrete InstallationThe skills and methods that are used by the workmen here at Total Concepts Construction have been acquired by just these same tried and proven methods that make all good companies great.
If you have ever driven down a concrete highway and have felt rough places and pot holes in the road- bed this is sometimes due to many years of use and abuse, but what about a new road that may have these same characteristics , holes and rough jagged concrete is not always due to aging process, it can always be traced back to poor methods being applied at the time of planning or to the method of pouring or finishing, sometimes it is due to just plain wrong mixing of the cement itself and not enough steel in the structure.

How A Storm Shelter Is Secured

Oklahoma Storm Shelter InstallThis is probably more information than you want to know about a slab of concrete in the road or under your house, be assured the combination of concrete steel and finishing knowledge skills here at Total Concepts Construction will match your needs for a side walk, driveway or in this case a Tornado Shelter. When the life and safety of you and your family is at stake do not trust your construction to just anyone. I have heard of some companies that sell a good shelter and then fasten it to far inferior slabs of concrete in an existing garage that was mixed and poured for a car to park on top of, certainly not for a F4 or greater Tornado to blast against. What a disaster to be in an inferior shelter thinking you are perfectly safe and not enough has been done to ensure your long term protection.

Safety And Storm Shelters

Steel reinforced storm sheltersA Total Concepts Construction representative will take the time to explain the workings of an excellent base to work from and the correct methods to build a time tested pad to place our top quality Tornado Shelters upon. There is no substitute for quality and excellence when it comes to life saving Storm Shelters that you could lay down and sleep in with perfect peace of mind and comfort all night long if needs be.

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