Handyman Repairs For Winter Weather

After such a cold Broken Arrow winter, many of us suffered with an extreme spike in heating bills. As we continue to witness significant shifts in weather patterns, making the investment to have a handyman repair your home from winter weather is an action that can easily pay for itself. There are a number of tasks we can complete to help keep your indoor temperatures high and your gas bill low next winter season starting in the attic and throughout both the interior and exterior of your home.

From Top to Bottom

To ensure a thorough job, we start in the attic by insulating the access door and sealing the vents. While we’re at it, we can pinpoint leaks to further improve the integrity of your Broken Arrow home. Similarly, we take the time to inspect the basement for compromised areas that need sealing and insulation. Holes in the foundation and concrete gaps can also be addressed at this time. As for the main floors of the home, the windows and doors are areas of specific concern, and we have the tools and know-how to weatherstrip them without making them difficult to open and close.

Don’t Forget the Outdoors

When we think of repairing the home for winter weather, many forget to consider making adjustments to the exterior. However, it is here where lines such as electrical, cable, gas and water enter the home. Our staff carefully pinpoints all of these areas, and we caulk them with precision to prevent cold winter air from infiltrating the home. Furthermore, we can add more protection for your doors and windows by caulking them as well to help keep moisture out. It doesn’t take long to provide these crucial services, and our staff is here to help you better enjoy your home in the Broken Arrow, Oklahoma area when you are stuck indoors.



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