Kitchen and Bath Cabinet Tune-Up

Cabinet Refreshing

Hi my name is Louis and I have over 30 years in the home improvement business, What I have found many times my clients want a new fresh look in their Kitchen or Bathrooms. When I discover the real need I always suggest a Tune-up, This gives the new fresh look many cooks are wanting. This can be done in 1 to 2 days max.

What is cabinet refreshing?
Cabinet refreshing Tune-up consists of 4 steps.1. The cabinets are washed from top to bottom with a specials cleaning solution, 2. Then all the hinges and pulls are tightened and adjusted. 3. We then polish all the appliances. 4. The last step on a Tune-up we apply a top coat polishing wax that brings your kitchen to life again it will revitalize the appearance. The options are at this time can be to replace missing or broken wood pieces to make everything work again.

Is cabinet refreshing expensive?
Done properly, refreshing can help you achieve the results you want at a very reasonable price. It all depends on the condition of doors and drawer as to the final price. Most homeowners save 60 to 75 % over replacing the cabinets.

Is it messy and time consuming?
Most cabinet refreshing projects are completed in just four to eight hours. We clean the work area at the end of the job and leave you with that clean and new feeling.

New Cabinetry

At Total Concepts Construction, We can also provide our clients with a complete make- over, new paint, stain, trim and cabinets to include self closing doors and drawers. All the latest door designs and stain colors. Call Total Concepts Construction: 918.851.0584 


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