Laundry Room Remodeling

Spaces such as laundry rooms or mudrooms very often are neglected; seldom do they receive the attention they deserve, which is odd when you consider how often they are used surveys show up to 25% of free time can be spent in one of these rooms. A properly planned utility room can that simplifies your household chores and makes doing these tasks a pleasure once again. These rooms may even serve multiple purposes like a mudroom may double as a storage room for seldom used back packs or camping gear, maybe a grooming center for the pet. An overhead shelf in a laundry room can be used for drying seeds for the family garden, and the sink can be used for the children to wash up their sporting equipment.

In today’s hurry up life styles we often get tired of waiting on the laundry loads so you may choose to have 2 large dryers and only one washer as it takes twice as long to dry a load as wash one, these appliances can be remotely turned on and off, you can check this room via tablet while at work or on the road too. No laundry room would be complete without a line to hang up our dainties whils almost invisible it is still available when needed. Call Louis to design a working Laundry Room! 918.851.0584


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