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Remodeling Services

At Total Concepts Construction (TCC) we value our client’s wants and needs when it comes to remodeling their Tulsa home. We listen to what they want and then deliver it!

Your home is basically your sanctuary that you have lived in for years, you have created relationships in the neighborhood, you like the location but you want a change whether you have outgrown your home or need a new look . Total concepts construction is the company that can create what you only have imagined “Your Dream Home”

Gives us your ideas your dreams and we will make them a reality!

Just a few of the services we offer:

Laundry Rooms

Spaces such as laundry rooms or mudrooms very often are neglected; seldom do they receive the attention they deserve, which is odd when you consider how often they are used surveys show up to 25% of free time can be spent in one of these rooms. A properly planned utility room can that simplifies your household chores and makes doing these tasks a pleasure once again. These rooms may even serve multiple purposes like a mudroom may double as a storage room for seldom used back packs or camping gear, maybe a grooming center for the pet. An overhead shelf in a laundry room can be used for drying seeds for the family garden, and the sink can be used for the children to wash up their sporting equipment.

In today’s hurry up life styles we often get tired of waiting on the laundry loads so you may choose to have 2 large dryers and only one washer as it takes twice as long to dry a load as wash one, these appliances can be remotely turned on and off, you can check this room via tablet while at work or on the road too. No laundry room would be complete without a line to hang up our dainties whils almost invisible it is still available when needed. Call Louis to design a working Laundry Room! 918.851.0584


A bathroom has evolved over the last few years into something the last generation would hardly recognize. As the owners of Total Concepts Construction, my first bathroom consisted of a rounded bottom tub, commode and medicine cabinet with a small face bowl to wash up and brush my teeth.

WOW what changes have come to that small room! Let me describe today’s modern Master’s Bathroom: First it starts with double doors upon which to enter, walking on heated granite floor tile, then your eye is caught by a glass wall that invites one to a walk in shower/warm steam room. Inside the shower is a large glass wall than enables you to view a small bird playground with exotic plants and a waterfall, all this in your very own private (shower) sanctuary, so while you take a long shower with 6 heads and 12 water streams, followed by a perfect temperature air dryer you spend 1 to 2 minutes there, then pick up a pre- warmed towel to finish off a perfect morning shower.

The bidet is a very useful addition to any bath to match the commode with automatic washing and drying amenities. This bath area would not be complete without a pleated and tucked comfort stool in front of a studio lighted facial center with 10 level adjustable lights and magnification mirror that turns on and off. Now while all of us would not need a personal wifi connection in the bathroom it is good to be able to monitor the baby’s room as well as the entry door while we put the finishing touches to our dress for the day. Imagine how we can create the perfect bathroom sanctuary to fit your budget and needs!

Call Total Concepts Construction today develop a plan for your bathroom 918.851.0584


As the owner of Total Concepts Construction, I have sat with many home owners over the last 20 years. I usually come in about the time frustration is about to peak. The couple has saved for many years to have a kitchen make over, their “Dream Kitchen” and now they find out prices have doubled or worse gone seemingly out of their budget range. I begin my relationship with the exhausted couple by explaining my success and my years of providing a product that brings many satisfied customers and their referrals back many times come from planning. Yes, starting at the very beginning and plan every step of the project through to completion. I eliminate all guess work from my proposal and unfair practices like companies that give open ended bids, their jobs come from selling their Name, or a overpriced product.

At Total Concepts all our cabinetry is custom made and fits the exact space in your kitchen, finished to perfection with the stain or paint of your choice. Give us a call and I will come out consult with you then give you a costs in a no nonsense way. Louis 918.851.0584

Backyard storage buildings

Backyard buildings come in every size style and color. Homeowners have used these small structures for many years ss overflow places just to keep things dry and out of the elements. Today the value of these buildings are prized treasures of many homeowners as get away places, a place where it is quiet and convenient to do projects or repair garden tools .

It is little wonder why these hideaways are so popular among the Tulsa retirees today. A place where one can work on a vintage restoration without being disturbed. No need to pick up tools each day because this is your private escape. Don’t get us wrong, organization and cleanness is at the top of the list with most of the owners of these types retreat (garden sheds, tool sheds or just storage, they can be outfitted with very sophisticated organizing and storage systems) structures. As with any home improvement project, you’ll want to make sure that the enough ventilation and light are incorporated into the planning, so it will be cool enough in the summer and toasty warm in the winter. Call Louis to develop your own private get away 918.851.0584

Carport additions

A carport is the second most valuable addition to one’s home as it provides protection from the elements that can damage your automobile. A carport is a good place to wash your car in the summertime or clean out the interior. The cost of a carport is very low when compared to the price of a new paint job on a sun bleached car or paying for hail damage to the sheet metal.

The Tulsa Area Remodel experts

Over the years we have built our business by only using quality products and the finest craftsmanship to produce a great result something you will be proud of and want to show it off to friends and family! So when you are looking for remodeling in Tulsa, Broken Arrow or surrounding towns, Call us to set up a consultation.
A Tulsa remodeling project can be as small as replacing a outdated tiled bath surround, to a complete demolition of the bathroom with the intent to relocate the fixtures and install all new equipment. This can and does apply to all rooms in your home (kitchen, living room, garage, basement etc…).

At TCC we are currently providing free kitchen design consultations to homeowners in the Metro Area. As an experienced kitchen remodeler TCC understands the importance of providing a free kitchen design consultation for our clientel to give them peace of mind. “Many times when I am giving a free consultation, people tell me they are relieved because I listened to their needs and don’t push my own agenda,” I want to help people better understand how to use their space.

Call us to set up an appointment 918-851-0584

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Welcome to Total Concepts Construction. Our 20+ years experience in handyman and building services of all types makes us a leader in the industry. Tulsa Oklahoma residents can rest assured that they will be working with a licensed, bonded and insured professional General Contractor for all of their home remodeling and maintenance needs.


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