Screened In Porch (Part 3)

Part three

Greetings friends, I’m just sitting here taking in the early morning sounds of nature while answering a few of the many emails that I get on a daily basis, let me read one that I just got from Beverly is a very brief but to the point, she writes Lewis I am enjoying my quiet time on the patio which as you remember you recently screened in for me. Most of the family is still asleep and my husband went to work early in the morning so I always try to get a few minutes alone to think about and plan my day. The screened in porch has proved to be the most viable room in my house thank you so much for your time and effort to customize your work to my home thank you again Beverly K.

Well after 30+ years in the business it is always refreshing to hear a customer who made the ideal purchase at the ideal time, I knew she was desperate to have a place where she could resort and gather her own thoughts, I helped design and construct this beautiful screened in porch which not only added value to her home but value to her life. When your work is as rewarding as mine a person should always take time to say thank you, so that is what I want to say today in response to my email clients as well as my future clients thank you for trusting me to do the improvements to your home at add value and quality of life.

Thank you Louis

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