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Our vinyl siding products at Total Concepts Construction is a great choice for Tulsa, OK homeowners trying to fix aging problems on their home or wanting to eliminate that hard task of painting every two years or so. Read on and learn more about vinyl siding and its benefits. We frequently install vinyl where the old wood has rotted or possibly coming loose from the house structure. Sometimes boards have split or there missing altogether, in other cases folks just have a problem with constant flaking of the paint. Well below I list 9 reasons to invest in top of the line vinyl siding and have a trusted company to install it.

Reasons # 1 To Consider Vinyl Siding – It is one of the most popular siding options for residential buildings, and with good reason durability and maintenance requirements.

Reasons # 2 To Consider Vinyl Siding – Vinyl is one of the most beautiful products on the market and can be used on almost any style home.

Reasons # 3 To Consider Vinyl Siding – This is a practical and economical material that can be quickly cleaned year after year. The repairs that come along occasionally are very quick and easy to be made by most handymen.

Reasons # 4 To Consider Vinyl Siding – Choosing a contractor is the first step in getting a good quality job, remember find one who has many years of experience and who will stand behind their work.

Reasons # 5 To Consider Vinyl Siding – Read homeowner product reviews and opinions on all major siding styles before deciding on a product or product manufacture. Get home siding reviews on all types of siding, as well as on siding manufacturers.

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Reasons # 6 To Consider Vinyl Siding – This is one home improvement project that can greatly add to the value of your home. In fact, this is at the top of the list when it comes to projects with the greatest return on your money spent.

Reasons # 7 To Consider Vinyl Siding– “Thickness” This is a very important factor to consider when you are shopping for the right product to have installed on your home. Most homeowners think that the thicker a piece of vinyl is, the better it is and the longer it might last, nothing could be further from the truth, when it comes to selecting your siding look at the manufactures product specifications and see how it stacks up against the demands put upon products in your region. Climate and location have everything to do with selection of siding that will hold up over time in your state.

 Reasons # 8 To Consider Vinyl Siding – While a rating can’t help you decide which product to purchase in and of itself, ratings will at least help you determine which siding offers you the quality you seek. Let your Siding Rep explain all these factors to you. Here at Total Concepts Company  we have sold and installed hundreds of siding jobs we know what works best in your area.

 Reasons #9 And Last Reason To Consider Vinyl Siding – There are actually two separate warranties when it comes to vinyl siding. Number 1 a product warranty from the siding manufacturer and an installation warranty from the company responsible for installing the siding on your home.

First at Total Concepts Construction we offer 100% Labor Warranty on everything we sell and install, no questions ask we just repair the problems if any arise.

Secondly we use only the best products with a full Lifetime Warranty 100 % replacement of the product if it fails for any manufacture defect.

Therefore you can’t lose with a double Warranty 100%, call Louis with Total Concepts for an in home evaluation and pricing for your Tulsa vinyl siding needs.

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