What Does A Handyman Do?

A handyman is generally a “Jack of all trades” of sorts that assists homeowners with minor repairs. Most of the time, a handyman can fix any small issues around the house that need immediate attention. If your toilet is on the blink or you need a new light switch installed, it’s a good idea to call a handyman and ask for help.

Why Use a Handyman Instead of a Specialist?

Handyman services often charge much less than plumbers and other specialists. You often have the luxury of dealing with a friendly individual, rather than a large company. They generally do not take on large, complicated jobs, but instead work on issues with simple fixes that homeowners don’t have time to address personally or would just rather not do themselves. There are some handymen who are specialists in certain areas, so always make sure to ask about their credentials.

Being Handy Does Not Mean Being an Expert at Everything!

A handyman will do their best to help with whatever home repairs you might be facing, but they can’t be a specialist at everything. Major issues, like plumbing emergencies, should be left to a specialist unless the handyman has extensive experience dealing with these types of emergencies. While a handyman might be able to assist you with the repair, they will generally refer you to someone that has more expertise with major issues you are experiencing in your home. Make sure to ask ahead because there are handyman specialists in all areas.

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